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All translations by Bow Pannika

Da Endorphine - Dok Mai Fai - Fireworks
Released August 25 2011

1 ไม่ขอก็จะให้Mai-khor-gor-cah-hai (Though you didn’t beg me, I will do for you)

I know your mind well more than other ones…know what you refer to from the way u talk and act.

The secrets on your mind are slowly reveal …make me guess it easily.

That is began from you met her…I never known about this though.

But I took a short time to realize and see through all happened.

* How can you took time to meet her when I was careless…Didn’t you tired for what you have done?

You need to go with her, but you still have me as same time…this make you feel considerate of me…

** Though you didn’t beg me, I will do it for you. Though you didn’t beg me, I will go away from you.

Will let you stay with her as you need.

Though you didn’t beg me, I will allow you. If you love her, I can understand.

It’s not too difficult to do for you…Just only one heart…one heart…one heart was broken…

I got you how you frustrate…I cannot dissuade you to love her.

Even you didn’t say what you want, your act was showed it clearly.

(*/**) whoo whoo oh oh . . .

Though you didn’t beg me, I will do it for you.

Will let you stay with her as you need.

Though you didn’t beg me, I will allow you. Ooh… (Will let you..) Just only one heart…one heart…one heart

Though you didn’t beg me, I will do it for you…

Just only one heart…one heart…one heart.
[Translated by Bow 2011]

2 ดาราพาเหรดDa-ra Parade (Superstar’s parade)

Note: This is a comparison that following celebritries lifestyle = following PARADE…just walk follow another one without any reasons.

I’ve seen from TV, seen from magazine, seen from advertisement…that’s palpitated me.

Both of male and female models are so looking good…things they use, I’ll follow them.

* Will follow superstar’s lifestyle closely, even lose limitless money

* Follow them…follow them What they are trendy, I’ll follow them also

Follow them…No need to get what I do

Just don’t want to be out-of-date…follow superstar’s parade

I’ve seen from the plays or music vdo …I want to be good looking one like they are

Went for surgery…changed myself…I don’t want to be my own (*/**)

Follow them closely, even lose limitless money (**/**)

Follow superstar’s parade.
[Translated by Bow 2011]

3 เรื่องของเราRueng-khorng-rao (Our story)

You may heard someone told that both of us are not proper to be lover.

Some of those words, I knew it might bothers you to feel hesitate about our love.

* Would like to ask you please don't be shaken...Is this love story just has you and me...?

** No need to ask or try to answer anyone about our just answer only your mind that you still want me or not.

No need to know anyone's just answer only your mind.

If we still love each other, just make this love to be OUR STORY.

Who are blamed or thought negative about our love ...Let them think.

Why we need to care about them, if our relationship is still OK.

(Repeat */**/**)
[Translated by Bow 2011]

4 เข้าใจฉันไหมKhao-jai chan mai (Do you feel me?)

Again, seems you don’t care about me…about what I want from you.

One thing that I would like to ask for you is ‘understanding’ about the way I am or what is my deep feelings inside.

* What I’ve done was not good enough even once.

What I’ve done or how I’ve done was always wrong.

I heard only I never ever understood u.

** Do you feel me? Do you feel me?

Do you know how much I tried to let you know that my fact is LOVE…I love you.

Again, you thought I don’t care about you…didn’t feel anything to you.

Sometimes, I’m not sure that how should I do to let you know my real feelings. (*/**)

…We also need to know…, but we hide it so deeply.

And I don’t know when we will understand. (**/**)

Need you know…by the way, we still love each othe.
[Translated by Bow 2011]

5 ถึงเวลาฟังThaeung wae-laa fang (Time to listen)

How long I’d done as your pleases

If you told anything, I’ll always respond all you want

And my needs look like dust…never ever had any meanings…you never listen to

* I’m not such a thing that you can manage

I have only needs that you should understand me

Is it time to listen to me yet? It’s time for my voice to have meanings for you

Stop saying about what you want… listen to me

** Here is me who has heart

Is it time to listen to me yet? Could you please understand what’s on my mind?

It’s time for you to know what I want

If you said still love me, please listen to me

If ‘LOVE’ means allow you to do arbitrarily, then I’m not ready to love and do my best

If you want me cos I always allowed you, I’ll tell you I DON’T WANT you (*/**)

Ooh ..oh…Time to listen.
[Translated by Bow 2011] 

6 ง่ายไปมั้งNgaay bai mang (It is too easy, isn’t it?)

Think it’s not too easy…It is too easy, isn’t it?

You just told me that you not intended…

The matters on that day, you just told me…only SORRY

It is too easy, isn’t it?...just told me to forget it

* HEY! Remind it well…about what I’d found last day

HEY! Think it well…that’s not too long time you’d done bad thing to me

** You forgot all of the matters you’d done

You forgot that you hurt me

I don’t forget it…Remember! I will never forget it

SAY GOODBYE! Just wave hands to say bye bye

Did you hope I would be OK?...just said SORRY to me

Did you dream I would be so glad?

Sorry,darling … maybe you still are not awake from your dream

It’s not too easy to tell me to ignore the last day. (*/**/*/**)

[Translated by Bow 2011]

7 นะNah (Please)

I like you…like you…Could have no any reasons?

I like you…like you…Don’t be ask me the reason

I like you…like you…Just like you, enough reason?

Please please please please… Please please please please

I like you…like you…How do you think?

I like you…like you…Don’t be make it difficult

I like you…like you…Don’t be think hesitantly

Please please please please… Please please please please

* Please please don’t be hold out for my love…better hold my heart

Please please don’t be waste time for talking…waste time for me to love you

Please please don’t be hold out for my love…Don’t be afraid…I do love you for sure

Will make it clear cos I saw your eyes…can know you also love me

I like you…like you…Do you have any troubles?

I like you…like you…Can you say yes now?

I like you…like you…Want to be your lover so much

Please please please please… Please please please please (*/*/*)

[Translated by Bow 2011]

8 โชคดีในโชคร้ายChoke-dee nai choke-raay (Good luck in bad luck)

I’ve found him…found the real love and had beautiful day

I would like to thank you that day you’d left me when you don’t want me anymore

* If you didn’t hurt me, this life I may not found him

** Good luck for my regret you made me hurt

Good luck in bad luck that you’d left me

He was came into my life like a sunshine came after stopped raining

That’s such a good thing I’ve got from you

I’d told myself that’s bad luck I’ve found you who broken my heart

But all worst things were changed to the reason why I’ve found another nice one (*/**)

Ooh..ohhh…. (**/**)

[Translated by Bow 2011]

9 แค่บางครั้งKhae-barng-khrang (Just sometimes)

Na na na na na

In the long time…on the far way, only me is staying and breathing

Loneliness always walks beside of me…became to be my familiar

* Just sometimes, I’d heard some songs

Just sometimes, I lost my mind

** Hide my teardrops…sit lonely…slip away from eye’s public

Take time to stay with the loneliness…and last, I told myself again that life must go on

Some nights have rained lightly…some days felt cold inside…made me fragile

Within the word ‘strong’ and ‘confident’…I felt sometimes that’s too feeble (*/**/*/*

[Translated by Bow 2011]

10 ดอกไม้ไฟDorg-maay-fai (Fireworks)

* Who found the perfect love…that’s so lucky

Should be celebrate for that once time…who found the catchy love…

Who were left…must celebrate the end of damn love

Drop your pain and disappointment you’d found

Drop his lie he’d told…credulous love

And bad things you’d found

** Burn fireworks to celebrate the next day you didn’t have him again

*** Should be celebrate till you feel satisfactory

Cos you took your life back…returned to be your own

Should be celebrate till you feel satisfactory

Awoke from nightmare…tomorrow will lucky surely (*/**/***)
[Translated by Bow 2011]




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