Pepsi Ad Campaign 2010

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Pepsi (Thailand) has kicked off the biggest local music campaign of this year. "Pepsi Music United" builds on the company's recent success in winning the battle of football marketing campaigns.

"Pepsi Music United" stirs up the music industry by combining three hot musical elements to excite modern consumers. Four superidols - Bodyslam, Da Endorphine, Chin Chinawut and Fifi Blake - will get together to release the excitement via the new "Jukebox" commercial, which will start airing on
 October 1.

Pepsi, in partnership with GMM Grammy, will hold
 the biggest music festival that combines a variety of music genres for teens to enjoy, from December 10 11 at Bonanza Khao Yai.

Pepsi will help music fans with the cost of admission. Customers can redeem 10 Pepsi caps marked "Big Mountain" or 10 Pepsi labels for a 25percent discount when purchasing a ticket at Thai Ticket Major. Only 10,000 tickets are available for the campaign that starts on October 1 2010. Offer In Thailand Only.


The songs and videos are here as samples. You can only listen to the songs and watch the videos while connected to the internet. There are NO mp3 downloads. If you like any of the songs that you have listened to, then we encourage you to buy the full albums from online stores such as or iTunes.



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