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Best Female Singer 2010

Seventeen Awards

9th Oct 2010

Hot Female Singer

TV Inside Hot Awards

15 Aug 2010

Best Female Singer 2010

Siam Dara Awards

30 June 2010

Best Female Artist

Album: Saen Saeb

Star Entertainment Awards For 2009

9th May 2010

Female Singer Of The Year

SEED Awards 21 April 2010

Female Singer Of The Year

Nine Entertainment Awards 2010

 Nominees as follows...

Female Singer of the Year:

 Da Endorphine (Saen Saep), Tata Young (Ready for Love), “Punch” Warakarn Rojanawat (Prague….natural), Fai AmFine (Drama), Sirintip Hanpradit (Rose Show)

25 March 2010

Thanida Dhamwimol, better known as Da Endorphine is a 24-year-old singer from Thailand.

Originally the lead singer with the band Endorphine, Da and her band released their first album Prik in 2004, with hit single “Puan Sa Nit” topping many radio charts in Thailand. Their popularity continued to soar when they contributed songs to the movie soundtrack of a series called Replay in the same year. 
2005 saw the release of the pop-rock album Suk Ga wa 49. In the same year, Da Endophine also won the Royal Golden Lord Kanesha Award in the Thai-International song category
Her final album with her band was Love Issue. 

Da went on to release her first solo album in 2007, titled Phab Luang Tar. Following it up in 2008 with her second titled Sound About. 

Da Endorphine released her third solo album, Saen Saeb, in October 2009.

Singned to Grammy, her songs capture the hearts of many. With songs that touch and empower love in all of us. Her strong and sincere vocals have earned her massive respect within Thailand's music circles. Frequently top of the Thailand's charts and always popular with her global fans.

In 2010, Da won Thailand Female Singer Of Year 2010 at the Nine Entertainment Awards.

- Discography -

Saen Saep (2009)
Sound About
Parb Luang Tar (ภาพลวงตา)(2007)
The Best Of - Love Issue (2006)
Narongvit - Sleepless Society 2 (2006)
Sug Ga Wa 49 (สักวา 49) (2005)
Replay (2004)
Prik - Chili (พริก) (2004)


Early years of Endorphine: 2004 - 2006
Endorphine started in junior high school. Friends Bomb (drums) and Kia (guitar) decided to form a band and asked Bomb’s brother Bird (bass) to join in. They decided they needed a lead vocalist, and that’s when Da came in. Impressed with Da’s unique and powerful voice, the band asked her to join. “Since we played rock music, we never thought our lead singer would be a girl,” Bomb said. “But when we heard Da sing, we knew she was the missing piece.”
They were almost set, but there was still one other thing they needed the right name. Stuck in traffic one day, Bomb spotted a bumper sticker that had the word “endorphine” written on it. Curious, Bomb looked the word up and found the perfect name for his band. “Endorphins are a chemical substance produced by the brain when we’re happy or in pain,” Bomb said. “And we want people to be happy listening to our songs. Hence the name Endorphine.”

- Latest Album -

Saen Saeb
Release date : 27 October 2




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